? Watch Day Trading Live – November 19, NYSE and NASDAQ Stock Exchange (live broadcast)

Live from the DTTW trading floor! TRADERS with over 50 years of combined experience in trading trade real money for real profits, and sometimes losses. Our multi- dollar TV studio airs the and only professional commercial show on YouTube Live. Join us on YouTube live every of the week from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST to trade the NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, BOVESPA and TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE, TMX. The program in EST: 9:00 Premarket Movers – What is hot! What are we going to exchange? 9:30 am Market opening – Live trading until noon. 10:00 Happening now – All Markets Summary 10:03 More Live Trading 10:10 Upgrades and Downgrades – Stocks Up or Down 10:13 Live Trading Again 10:20 Small Cap Recap – Find out how small caps are doing 10:23 Plus Live Trading 10:30 am Oil / Gas (Wednesday / Thursday) 10:31 am Live Trading 10:40 Sector Watch – See how different industries are doing !! 10:43 Live Trading Again 10:50 Money Talks – Forex Rates! 10:53 More Live Trading 11:00 Today’s Trade – Trade Analysis. 11:04 am Live trading 11:40 am Guest of the 11:58 am The Wrap 12:00 pm End of the show. For stock trading tips and information to improve your trading skills, subscribe to our 2nd channel “Market Wisdom by TraderTV.Live”: Powered by DTTW ™ – Make Money By Opening Your Trading Desk Trading on PPro8 ™, the best trading platform for stocks, Forex Traders and Futures. SIGN UP FOR A FREE DAILY WATCH LIST: ? CHAT RULES The purpose of this chat is to create a trading community that provides an environment where traders can share ideas, strategies and promote financial growth by helping each other to progress. 1) Be positive, respectful and considerate of others. 2) Refrain from swearing, belittling or saying anything offensive. 3) Learn and contribute to the room, and make our chat community a community that you are proud to be a part of! 4) No pumping, promotion or denigration of stocks. If there is any relevant news, summarize it briefly. Don’t say things like, “Go AAPL” or “SPCE is a fraud”. If you give an alert, give a reason, “TSLA is falling like a rock!” 5) None of the trades you see here is a recommendation to make a trade or an investment. If one of our traders says it’s a recommendation, they talk to each other. 6) Our traders are not investment advisers. Please do not ask them to view your watchlist or portfolio. 7) If you just follow rule # 1, it is all encompassing! Failure to follow chat instructions is not accompanied by a warning. ?DISCLAIMER Legal Notice: The opinions and opinions expressed on TraderTV.Live are provided for informational purposes only and should NOT be construed as (a) a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security, (b) an approval or recommendation of any particular security or trading strategy; or (c) investment advice. The trading activities displayed on TraderTV.Live are the buying and selling of stocks, futures and Forex, using real money and real time market data. Our traders may own the securities they trade on TraderTV.Live in their personal portfolios. BEFORE MAKING ANY INVESTMENT DECISION, IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO SEEK THE ADVICE OF A DEALER OR QUALIFIED INVESTMENT ADVISOR. TRADERTV.LIVE DOES NOT PROVIDE OR GUARANTEE ANY FINANCIAL, LEGAL, TAX OR ACCOUNTING ADVICE OR ADVICE REGARDING THE SUITABILITY, PROFITABILITY OR POTENTIAL VALUE OF ANY SECURITY, TRADE STRATEGY OR SOURCE OF INFORMATION. All content appearing on TraderTV.Live is protected by copyright. Rebroadcasting or any other commercial use of our program content is strictly prohibited. #daytrading #livetrading #stocktrading.
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