047 – America and the Big Reset – Restoration Life Church – Bryan Kessler – 11/22/2020

047 – America and the Great Reset – Restoration Life Church – 11/22/2020 – Bryan shares a post about the valley of decision America is currently in. Will America remain a constitutional republic or will it align with the rising antichrist system? The global elite have planned a big reset. This, in essence, is world socialism ruled by technocrats (those who rule by their specialized knowledge). This post examines what the Great Reset is and explains why the intercessors must pray that America does not align with it. The purpose of this message is to both present the sober reality that America faces and to instill in you the faith, courage and determination to fight in prayer to the end. Download audio here: Understanding End Times Playlist Here: NEW Book by Bryan Kessler – The Eternal Blueprint For more information visit: Restoration Life Church & Ministry Center LifeSchool International Forerunner School LifeSchool Library Session 47 of a 52-part series taught by Bryan Kessler at Restoration Life Church & Ministry Center in Kennesaw, Georgia Check out some of our other playlists: God’s Eternal Purpose – The Church of Eternal Purpose – Deliverance – The Overcome – 2017 Terry Bennett – The Power of Pentecost – 2018 Terry Bennett – The Inner Kingdom – 2019 Terry Bennett – Preparing a People – 2020 Terry Bennett – Preparing a People -.
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