10 rounds with actor Kyle MacLachlan, owner of Pursued by Bear Wine

Name the first good wine you drank and where you drank it. “One of the most memorable was a bottle of Chateau Lynch – Bages, which was given to me as a gift by David Lynch following my screen test for the film. Dune. I wish David and I had shared it together, but we’ve more than made up for it over the years by consuming many bottles of Lynch-Bages together!

Which wine book is your go-to resource? Educate Peter by Lettie Teague. I love his column for the the Wall Street newspaper. His style is approachable, informative, slightly pungent, and a bit self-deprecating, which I find very appealing.

What’s your favorite food pairing? “I would say a great burger and a Washington State Cabernet, like… Pursued by Bear!”

Name the wine region that took you the longest to really understand. “Burgundy and I am still confused.”

What do you always have in your home bar? “I’m really bad at keeping a bar. Mainly because I rarely drink spirits. But I try to keep a good whiskey or two. Laphroaig for its intense “peat” and Glenmorangie for its easy drinking. Also, a really good sipping tequila like Casa Dragones Joven Tequila. These are my must-haves on the rare occasion that I don’t drink wine.

What is the best variety of wine to drink while watching Twin peaks and eat a cherry pie? “The best wine to drink while watching Twin peaks and to eat a cherry pie would be a Washington State Syrah. In my opinion, my Baby Bear Syrah does the job well with its savory notes of cherry cola, chocolate and espresso.

Red or white? “I like them both, but the push comes to push, I’ll go with the red.”

Besides your own wine, what do you like to drink? “I drink a lot of Washington Cabernet. The main reason is that I like it, but I’m also curious about what other producers are doing. Some of my current favorites are Abeja, Doubleback, Dunham, Figgins, Solemn, Avennia… the list goes on… ”

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