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Hordes of London residents flocked out of the city on Sunday after learning that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was going to lock them out of Level 4 for the holidays.

Johnson said he had to make the move due to a frightening new variant of COVID-19 that would spread much more easily than previous versions.

Scientists tell us that this new mutant form of the virus “is unlike anything we’ve seen” and is making headlines around the world.

There’s still so much we don’t know about this new ‘super COVID’ mutant, but here are 10 things we know so far …

Now the federal department is using loopholes in the system to allow a forced vaccination warrant in order to return to work without exam.

# 1 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says this new version of COVID-19 “is 70% more contagious than the original strain” …

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The new Covid-19 variant that has torn apart the Southeast is 70% more contagious than the original strain, Boris Johnson revealed today.

The Prime Minister today revealed that the new ‘terribly transmissible’ variant is spreading rapidly – forcing him to put millions of Britons on Level 4 lockdown for Christmas.

# 2 We are told that this new variant is the main reason why the number of new cases in London doubled last week …

The strain – called VUI202012 / 01 – has doubled cases in a week in the capital as it deforms under the new variant.

# 3 According to Dr Susan Hopkins, this new strain has now spread to almost every other part of the UK …

She told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “It has been detected in many other parts of the country.

“Every region has cases, but with a very small number.

“It has also been detected in Wales, Scotland, we haven’t had any in Northern Ireland.”

# 4 According to the BBC, this new new version “quickly replaces other versions of the virus”.

# 5 There are two key changes that are of great concern. The former apparently makes it much easier for humans to catch the virus …

A mutation called N501Y changes the most important part of the peak, known as the “receptor binding domain”.

This is where the tip first makes contact with the surface of the cells in our body. Any change that makes it easier for the virus to get inside is likely to give it an advantage.

# 6 The second key mutation could be even more dangerous, because it could make “the antibodies in the blood of survivors less effective in attacking the virus” …

The other mutation – an H69 / V70 deletion, in which a small part of the tip is removed – has appeared several times before, including in infected mink.

The work of Professor Ravi Gupta of the University of Cambridge has suggested that this mutation doubles infectivity in laboratory experiments.

Studies by the same group suggest that removal makes the antibodies in the blood of survivors less effective at attacking the virus.

#seven Joe Biden’s choice for surgeon general insists that the vaccines that have been developed will likely work against this version of the virus as well …

Vivek Murthy, Biden’s candidate for surgeon general, urged Americans on Sunday not to let concerns about the new strain undermine their faith in vaccination.

“There is no reason to believe that the vaccines that have been developed will not be effective against this virus either,” Murthy said on NBC’s “Meet the Press”.

But the truth is, until the tests are done, no one is quite sure whether or not current vaccines will be effective against this new strain.

# 8 Several countries have announced that they are stopping travel from the UK in an attempt to prevent this new variant from spreading.

# 9 So far, the United States continues to allow flights from the United Kingdom, which makes New York Governor Andrew Cuomo very angry …

Andrew Cuomo on Sunday criticized ‘reprehensible’ inaction as the United States ‘continues to let in six flights a day’ from Britain, where a new strain of coronavirus is spreading – as more in addition to countries, including Canada, ban flights from the United Kingdom.

The governor of New York told reporters: ‘Right now this UK variant is taking a plane and flying to JFK. Now. Today. Literally six flights a day. And all it takes is one person.

#ten We are told that cases of the new strain have already been reported in at least three other countries …

Maria Van Kerkhove, technical manager for Covid-19 at the World Health Organization, also appeared on the show.

She said the variant had also been identified in Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia – with a case in the latter that did not spread further.

We will wait to see if the current vaccines are effective or not against this new version of the virus.

If so, the outlook for the immediate future may not have changed much.

But if current vaccines aren’t effective against it, researchers may have to go back to square one.

And while current vaccines are effective against all of the variants that have developed and will develop in the future, the truth is that no vaccine will be the “messiah” so many have hoped for. According to the CDC, thousands of Americans have already reported serious problems after receiving the first stroke …

According to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), thousands of people were unable to work or carry out their daily activities, or required the care of a healthcare professional, after have received the new COVID-19 vaccine.

As of December 18, 3,150 people have reported what the agency calls “health impact events” after being vaccinated.

The term is defined as: “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, care required by physician or health care professional”.

At this point, the question remains very open as to whether any of these current vaccines will be considered “successful” or not.

And given the fact that all of these new vaccines “hijack” the cells of those who are injected, there are millions upon millions of people who will never be willing to take a COVID vaccine under any circumstances.

Meanwhile, scientists assure us that COVID-19 will continue to mutate.

In fact, another new version of the virus has just been discovered in South Africa …

South African Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize has announced the 501.V2 mutation of the virus, reports The East African. Unlike the British strain, this one could cause more serious illness. The official said on Twitter that local clinicians had found anecdotal evidence of the patients’ clinical presentation. They said a greater proportion of younger people develop serious illness without suffering other co-morbidities.

“The evidence that has been gathered therefore strongly suggests that the second wave we know of is being driven by this new variant,” Mkhize said in a virtual briefing on Friday.

If it is confirmed that the new South African version “does indeed cause more serious disease”, this is something we will want to watch very closely.

As I warned in my new book, humanity is entering an era of pestilence. COVID-19 has shown just how vulnerable we are, and much deadlier bugs are constantly being cooked in labs around the world.

Ultimately, it is only a matter of time before more of these bugs are released to the general population, and future pandemics are likely to be much more severe than we are currently experiencing.

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