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A public poll by Infowars found that nearly 20% of respondents do not know who the real president of the United States is.

Of the more than 24,000 people polled on the Infowars website who they think is the real president, 20% responded “I don’t know”.

Unsurprisingly, 64% of Infowars readers believe Trump is still the rightful US president.

9% believe Kamala Harris is in fact the president, with Biden dead last at 6%.

The poll is a damning indictment against the integrity of the 2020 presidential election, which mainstream media and Democrats say was conducted fairly despite numerous legislature hearings showcasing mountains of evidence of electoral and electoral fraud.

How much does the rest of the not know who the real Commander-in-Chief is?

This is why the Supreme Court should have heard the fraud lawsuits in Texas and Pennsylvania; to instill a sense of confidence in voters.

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Joe Biden was again seen doing the bare minimum at his job during a brief public press .

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