2020 election ends as mad King Donald Trump looks up to see walls close

Donald Trump’s tweet that best sums up his confused desperation to finally face reality is without a doubt that one, from 10:35 a.m. on Wednesday:

After those five frantic and complete words, there is a note from stating that “All or part of the shared in this Tweet is disputed and could be misleading about an election or other civic process,” and if you “click to read more” You are directed to the company’s “civic policy”, which opens with: “You may not use services for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes. “(If you click” show “instead to see Trump’s quote, it’s a rabbit hole plugged into alleged electoral fraud, leading to a tweet quote in tweeting another tweet, since deleted.)

probably could have blocked around 73.6% of Trump’s tweets over the past four years under this policy, but he’s hammered the hammer down now, and he’s knocked it down now for the same reason. as Mitch and Chris Christie and Scott Walker and others are starting to jump ship. One very simple and straightforward reason that apparently almost everyone, to my relief, agrees: you have to count the votes.

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