2020 was a big victory for women – Republican women

It remains unclear whether Donald Trump will achieve the kind of poll-defying and frenzy-inducing victory he won in 2016. But this year’s election results represent another surprise victory – this time, for Republican women.

While Republicans were largely left out of 2018’s “Year of the Woman”, when 126 female Democrats and just 20 GOP women were elected to Congress, they are on course for a banner year in 2020. Twenty- three Republican women have won their races so far – including six that have rocked their districts from blue to red – setting them up to break their previous record for GOP women in Congress.

“Republicans should thank their lucky stars for the women who lead this cycle,” said Rosalyn Cooperman, professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington. “The breakthroughs that were made by Republicans in 2020 on the House side were made by women, and they would do well to remember that.

“For the majority of our women who are coming in, they will want to get things done, and the only way to get things done in a legislature is to put aside the aisle and work with the other side.“

It remains to be seen whether the female GOP winners will legislate differently from their male counterparts. There is a joke that if progressive feminists say we should abolish prisons, moderate feminists say we should hire more policewomen; It is not known whether the incoming women of the GOP will be reformers or just officers enforcing their party’s anti-women policies.

Of the Republican women who overturned their seats on Tuesday, all six are vocally anti-abortion, and one even introduced a bill that would have banned abortion after 20 weeks. Two of the winning women are supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

But Julie Conway, executive director of VIEW Pac, which supports Republican women running for office, says she thinks these women will be more likely to work with the historic number of Democratic women who came before them.

“For the majority of our women who come in, they will want to get things done, and the only way to get things done in a legislative body is to go sideways and work with the other side,” she said. declared. “And I think that’s what our women are going to do.”

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