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Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, widely seen as the establishment’s choice of the Republican Party for the 2024 presidential election, has remained silent on recent explosive evidence of electoral fraud and irregularities.

Haley’s last apparent public statement on the matter was on November 13, when she said broadly but specifically that ballot collection and mail ballots are the main vectors of fraud. She then made headlines for calling Twitter when they censored even that relatively subdued statement.

Her statement came a week after criticism from Donald Trump Jr. and conservative commentator Mike Cernovich called on her to “stay away” in the fight for transparency.

The tweet came just a day after Business Insider posted the headline “Nikki Haley, Senior Republican and Possible 2024 Presidential Hopeful, Has Been Silent on Trump’s Unfounded Voter Fraud Allegations.”

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Three days later, Haley tweeted her support for the Million MAGA March for Electoral Integrity. However, she did not mention the purpose or name of the March, simply referring to it as “the DC March”.

Since then, Haley’s Twitter thread has been filled with statements on a variety of key Republican issues condemning an alleged incoming Biden administration. A New York Post article she tweeted began with “The Trump administration may be on the way out …”.

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Haley has also repeatedly urged his supporters to vote Republican in the upcoming second round of elections in Georgia, without mentioning at all the electoral integrity hearings taking place there.

She also did not mention explosive video evidence showing a massive illegal vote count in Atlanta, even after the Georgia Secretary of State’s office admitted it had happened.

Haley has long been considered a serious presidential candidate, as she has so far been able to maintain the good graces of the Republican establishment while largely avoiding the ruffled feathers in President Trump’s orbit by staying with him. publicly loyal.

As an Asian and American woman, she also represents a hope for many Republican leaders to show a more diverse side of the GOP.

It is now unclear whether his current level of support for the president will be enough to win the support of Republican voters, who almost unanimously believe a fraud has taken place and are furious at the inaction of the Republican establishment.

At the time of writing, the SBD tipster gives Haley better odds than President Trump of winning the 2024 Republican presidential nomination and slightly worse odds than incumbent Vice President Mike Pence.

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