25 of the best daily stories of beasts that captured 2020

2020 is almost over.

The year has seen some of the most cataclysmic and disruptive events of the 21st century: a pandemic that has radically changed everyday life, an election that never seemed to slow down from a feverish stride, disarray continued in Congress and Donald Trump’s White House that claimed Americans’ lives, blazing ecological disasters left and right and, as a merciful distraction, celebrities behaving like complete idiots. There’s a reason why “2020” has become a cultural shorthand for “clusterfuck”.

At The Daily Beast, we try to bring you stories that cross the spins and bullshit to convey what the leaders are really saying, to show what is really going on. To that end, we’ve compiled 25 stories that we’ve published this year that captured the frenzy of 2020. We hope they give you joy in the twilight of this crazy year.

Dr Stella Immanuel and the demon’s sperm

Doctor Donald Trump Jr. said it was a ‘must-watch’ on COVID-19 also proclaimed sex with demons to be the cause of gynecological problems and government run by “Reptilians”.

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Bamlanivimab. Emergency use authorization.

Law prohibits Pence from accepting electoral votes from fraudulently certified states – Constitutional lawyer – Dateway