400 international lawmakers sign open letter demanding Bezos pay higher wages, taxes on Amazon

Perhaps inspired by AOC and his “ democratic socialist ” compaders, more than 400 lawmakers around the world have signed a letter demanding that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos increase employee wages and pay more taxes ( we assume they mean both Amazon the company and Bezos personally).

In an open letter, lawmakers said they were writing to warn Bezos, the world’s richest man, “on guard” and that “Amazon’s days of impunity are over.”

The movement calls on Amazon to fairly pay its “workers, taxes and environmental costs.”

We, elected officials and government officials around the world, hereby tell you that Amazon’s days of impunity are over. Last Friday, November 27, workers, activists and citizens around the world joined forces to demand justice from Amazon. Today, we pledge to support this movement in all congresses, parliaments and states where we work. In short, we are writing to you now with one commitment: to make Amazon Pay.

The letter was signed by several US lawmakers, including Ilhan Omar, who is still pushing to cancel rents and mortgages across the United States until the COVID crisis is over, and Rashida Tlaib. Another signatory is California Representative Ro Khanna, who once said he would support making share buybacks illegal (collapsing the market and the retirement savings of millions of Americans, in the process) .

The movement even comes with its own hashtag, #MakeAmazonPay. Lawmakers say in the letter that a coalition of not only Amazon workers, but workers around the world would heroically unite to ensure Amazon pays its fair share of taxes while also covering “environmental costs. »Associated with its activities.

The letter also hit Amazon for its efforts to intimidate workers exploring organizing efforts.

“…[W]Even though your personal wealth grew by around $ 13 million per hour in 2020, these workers are entering unsafe working conditions, receiving little or no pay rise, and facing retaliation for their efforts to defend and organize their colleagues.

Responding to the letter and its claims, an Amazon representative said the company accepts the scrutiny of policymakers, but also rejected parts of the new letter, saying Amazon was “paying billions of dollars. global taxes ”and“ had a strong track record of supporting our employees, customers and communities, including providing them with safe working conditions, competitive wages and excellent benefits. “

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The letter and the protests were apparently organized by a group called “Progressive International”.

How come it almost looks like a modern day COMINTERN?

The world must be aware of and reject the socialist Soros puppet that is Joe Biden.

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