77% of Americans believe violence will erupt after election – Dateway

A latest poll of American voters found that as many as 77% believe violence will erupt after today’s presidential election.

According to the Yahoo News / YouGov survey, 51% of voters believe Trump will refuse to concede if he loses the election while 77% “fear violence will erupt in the coming days.”

The two sides are almost equal when it comes to judging the reaction to the victory of either candidate.

59% of Trump supporters believe that if Trump loses it will be because “Democrats rigged the election,” while 58% of Biden supporters believe that if the former Vice President loses, it will be because ” the republicans stole the election ”.

With that kind of feeling being so pervasive, it’s almost impossible that there won’t be some form of mess in the days after the vote.

Meanwhile, only 22% of registered voters expect to know the outcome on election night, while only 28% believe the election will be “free and fair”.

As we pointed out yesterday, stores, restaurants and banks in major cities across the country are on lockdown in anticipation of major unrest.

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However, if Trump loses and accepts defeat, it will not be riots from Trump supporters given what has happened in the past 5 months.

Gun stores across the country are also being cleaned up by new shoppers who fear major social dislocation, while Walmart has also removed guns and ammunition entirely from its shelves.



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