8-year-old boy ‘accidentally’ receives COVID vaccine – Dateway

An eight-year-old boy was “accidentally” vaccinated against COVID-19 at a drive-thru center in Dallas, Texas.

The child’s father was allegedly unaware that the boy was not eligible for the vaccine, claiming he was able to register his son and get an appointment.

Talk with NBC DFW in Dallas, Fire Robert Fite of the Grand Prairie Fire Department defended his team, which run the mobile site, saying his staff “didn’t know it was a child under 18 years”

“They are in the car, there is a code, the rescuer did what this paramedic did for thousands of other people that day and went ahead and administered the vaccine, without surrendering. account that it was a child under the age of 18, ”said Fite told me.

“We had questions about how a child under 18 could even be registered,” the fire continued. “If there was a failure system in place, we wouldn’t even have to worry because you couldn’t register. If they’ve been given a QR code, part of our guess is that they understand should be registered and shouldn’t. “

While a might pass for someone over 18, an eight-year-old boy cheating on a firefighter is not credible.

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The father apparently didn’t realize he had made a mistake until he spoke to his pediatrician, Dr Marcial Oquendo.

Explaining why he is concerned that the child has received the vaccination, Dr Oquendo said: “We don’t have the data, especially those under 12, to say if it works, is it safe. , how much should we use, which child can get and which children cannot. It needs to be in the controlled setting of a clinical trial where we are monitoring all possible angles to be able to tell if its use is safe and effective in children in this age group. “

Fite says the department will investigate and learn which paramedic administered the shooting as well as why the appointment took place on the county’s website.

It is not known which COVID vaccine the received, but none have been approved for use by minors.

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