Human skin burns, swells, then peels off in severe reaction to Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine

Photo courtesy of WRIC

A man’s skin from Virginia swelled, burned and then peeled off in a rare reaction to the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

Richard Terrell, 74, said he began to experience armpit discomfort four days after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine earlier this month.

Soon Terrell developed an itchy rash and his skin began to swell, turn red, and burn.

“It was stinging, burning and itchy,” Terrell said of the pain. “Every time I bent my arms or my legs, like the inside of my knee, it was very painful where the skin was swollen and rubbing against itself.

After a few days, the rash covered her whole body and her skin peeled off.

WRIC reported:

A man in Goochland County suffered a severe reaction after receiving his COVID-19 vaccine and VCU medics believe it was a direct of the shooting.

Richard Terrell received the one-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson earlier this month. He suffered from a severe rash that spread all over his body and made his skin red. The 74-year-old man was admitted to hospital and spent five days at VCU Medical Center.

Terrell has been released from the hospital and now shares his vaccination story as he recovers from the comfort of his home in Goochland. He 8News that he is still very weak and will take time to fully recover, but is grateful that he got his fix.

“It all happened so fast. My skin has peeled off, ”Terrell said, looking down. “It still takes my hands off my hands now.”

On March 6, Terrell received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Ashland. He shares that everything went perfectly well, but four days later he started to experience symptoms.

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