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Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, everyone should be able to agree that this election revealed some very serious flaws in the way we do things right now.

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve posted example after example of voting irregularities on The Most Important News, and it’s probably the number one topic on social media right now.

When this election is finally over, there will be tens of millions of voters who will feel that this election has been stolen from them and who will have completely lost faith in the system.

As much as some of the talking heads on television would like to believe that everything will be fine if they simply ignore the irregularities that are happening, the truth is that the vast majority of Americans can clearly see what is going on.

Dr Steve Pieczenik launched a bombshell of a report regarding an ongoing Trump-led blockchain identity bite operation to get the evidence they need to stop our election thieves.

It has never been clearer that our system is deeply broken and in desperate need of major reform.

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For this election, the problems related to our elections will have to be resolved in court, which is extremely regrettable.

But we certainly don’t want to be in the same situation in four years, if there is indeed an election in four years.

So with that in mind, I would like to submit my humble plan to arrange our elections …

# 1 In order to register to vote, citizens must be required to appear in person and present identification proving that they are who they claim to be to a duly appointed government official.

# 2 Citizens should be required to come in person to vote whenever possible. And when they show up in person to vote, they must be required to show some ID to prove they are who they say they are.

# 3 All political parties should be allowed to have many observers at all polling stations.

# 4 Once you’ve voted, citizens should receive a receipt stating that their votes have been recorded and which shows exactly who they voted for.

# 5 All political parties should be allowed to have many observers in all places where the ballots are counted, and they should be allowed to be close enough so that they can clearly see what is going on.

# 6 All votes must be made public. I know many would mourn the loss of the “secret ballot”, but I think the need for transparency should take priority. Every vote of every citizen should be publicly released, with verification that each of those citizens was officially registered to vote.

#seven For national elections, the results of each state should not be made public until the count has been fully completed. I know that the fact that the total of the votes is gradually coming in is much more dramatic, but it also opens up possibilities of embezzlement. In the 2020 election, there were allegations that some counties delayed reporting their results until they could see how other regions voted. It is very important that we eliminate this.

As it is, our elections are more broken than ever. The harvesting of ballot papers is endemic across the country, many deaths vote, in some areas the number of people voting far exceeds the number of registered voters, and the fact that tens of millions of ballots pass in the mail caused all kinds of trouble.

Of course, I don’t anticipate that the recommendations I made will ever be implemented. In particular, Democrats would fight tooth and nail against many of my proposals, and that’s because the flaws in the current system tend to benefit their party greatly.

But if we don’t fix our system, more and more Americans will lose faith in it with every election, and it will only be a matter of time until it collapses completely.

On top of everything else, I think paper ballots should be required across the country. I would love to see the United States move to a 100% paper voting system and 100% manual counting, but that will never happen either.

If we cannot be confident in the integrity of our elections, what options are we left with?

We have reached a critical moment in our history and our nation is now more divided than it has ever been in my life.

Honestly, now I know how the United States is going to recover from this chaotic election. There is no way a politician can bring the country together when nearly half of the population believe the election was stolen.

Anyone who becomes president, almost half the nation will not accept that individual as legitimate, and at this point the United States is getting dangerously close to being ungovernable.

As I mentioned before, for the losing side, this election will be the biggest emotional blow in decades. Everything has changed and the days ahead are likely to be very dark for the United States of America.

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