“A lot of people would say the biggest log is the one that doesn’t burn.”

One mainstream media outlet is being honest about ’s poor health, unfortunately it is in Australia.

Australian’s Sky News is honest about and his senility. Unlike the corrupt and dishonest news media in the United States, at least Sky is right. For over a year we have been reporting that Biden lost him. He suffers from dementia. He is his train of thought and needs to be directed like a geriatric patient to where he needs to go. We have seen him stop several times and look into space. He doesn’t think, he loses it.

Biden forgets to say hello to Marines at inauguration – looks lost – Kamala Harris waves to try to bring him back

Well, Sky News in Australia honestly reports on ’s health. Unlike the rest of the mainstream media who are following the instructions and will not touch on Biden’s obvious health issues, Sky News will. In a recent report, they shared the following:

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This Biden guy walks both sides of the road. As I keep asking, are some of these politicians stupid or duplicitous, or both? He defends America’s values, but lets in illegal immigrants. It will create jobs but destroy thousands by shutting down a pipeline. He hates cultural norms but admits that China’s brutality is a consequence of different norms in each country. He will be the leader of the “ net zero carbon dioxide emissions ” global warming crusade, but he adores the Oval Office fire and sometimes adds a log himself, producing the carbon dioxide for which he estimates that he will spend trillions reducing. A lot of people would say that the biggest log is the one that doesn’t burn.

Good game.

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