A special free second amendment American flag (just pay S&H)

Many Liberals wish the Second Amendment had never been drafted. They wish the words would disappear.

They don’t understand how important the Second Amendment is to America. Without the Second Amendment, we would have lost the First Amendment a long time ago!

To remind Liberals how important Second Amendment words are to us, here’s something special: a Second Amendment American flag with the words printed on the stripes (ordering through this link and the links below supports Gateway Pundit)!

The best part: it’s free – you just need to pay the shipping and handling charges!

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Here’s what others have said about their Second Amendment American flags:

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The Liberals do not want everyone to know that the Second Amendment is a fundamental principle of American democracy. In fact, owning a flag like this could be dangerous. You might want to order more than one, so you can have a backup flag in case the Liberals steal your first.

Don’t let the Liberals win – Fly this flag everywhere!

We bring you this special offer from the right people from I love my freedom. All of their products are shipped from their distribution center in Olathe, Kansas. The order from this company supports US jobs and US production.

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Here is more information from the folks at I love my freedom:

There is no better way to show your support for the Second Amendment than with this flag!

– Metal eyelets, ready to hang
– Flag size: 3 X 5 ft
– Fast shipping from the heart of America
– 30-day satisfaction guarantee

This is your chance to proudly join the millions of Americans who support the Second Amendment! Now is your chance to represent the movement!

AMERICA FIRST! We have a shipping center in Kansas and a customer support center in Minnesota where we ONLY hire US citizens to do the job.

As always, there is easy payment, low cost shipping, and fast delivery. It also comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee and free returns. If you don’t like it, send it back!

The earlier you place your order, the better. Due to the quality and demand of the flag, stocks are often scarce. Place your order quickly so you won’t be left behind.

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