A third of the nation believes Joe Biden stole the election

A third of the country believe Joe Biden won the presidency due to electoral fraud, according to a Monmouth poll released on Monday.

The number is even greater among Republicans, 72% of whom believe the election was rigged.

The polling firm also found that ten percent of the United States will never accept Biden as president.

“This result is virtually unchanged from November, when 34% believed fraud determined the outcome or Biden’s victory would be overturned. 72% of Republicans persist in believing Biden’s victory was due to voter fraud. Among Americans who still believe Trump lost to fraud, nearly two-thirds say it’s time to move on, but a third of this group – which equates to 10% of all American adults – say they’ll never accept Biden as president, ”Monmouth reports.

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About two-thirds of people who think the election was stolen still think it’s time to accept Biden and move on.

Pollsters found that “54% said they were ‘very confident’ in his integrity, up 10 points from November, while those who were ‘not at all’ confident fell slightly by 29 % to 25% over the same period. “

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