Accused embassy rapist Brian Jeffrey Raymond lured US woman to Mexico, federal government says

A U.S. Embassy staff member accused of drugging and sexually assaulting at least 23 women over the past 10 years has lured at least one of his victims across international borders to Mexico from the United States for a night of abuse she barely remembers, according to an unsealed FBI affidavit. in federal court.

This is part of the new revelations in the case of Brian Jeffrey Raymond, a government employee stationed at the United States Embassy in Mexico City who allegedly committed a ten-year rape spree while on the payroll. federal. Initially charged with one count of coercion and seduction, Raymond now faces two more counts of sexual abuse committed in the “special maritime and territorial jurisdiction” of the United States – that is, that is, his apartment in the Tony Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City, which has been rented by the US government since 2013 for the use of diplomatic, consular and military personnel.

As the Daily Beast was the first to report, Raymond, 44, was arrested on October 9 in La Mesa, Calif., Where he remained with his parents after abruptly quitting his job. Court documents do not specify Raymond’s former post at the Mexico City embassy, ​​where he had been posted since 2018, and his internet presence is almost non-existent. Prosecutors noted that Raymond speaks both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and has worked in at least six countries for more than two decades of federal service that Raymond’s defense team called “exemplary.”

The State Department and the Justice Department have repeatedly declined to comment or provide further details on Raymond’s exact role in government.

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But prosecutors say that from 2011, Raymond “wielded power and control over the unconscious women” that he met primarily on dating apps. Investigators have discovered hundreds of photos and video footage of unconscious women in Raymond’s bed. In some, a naked man appearing to be Raymond holds his eyelids open, waves his limp arms and legs in the air, or inserts his fingers into their mouth to prove they are passed out, prosecutors said. At the same time, those who knew him were apparently totally taken aback by his behavior, which authorities described as “proof of his unique ability to portray a very different public face.”

The new charges Raymond now faces stem from additional communications FBI investigators retrieved from his electronics and iCloud account. In a conversation, Raymond convinced a California woman identified in court records only as “adult victim 2” to visit him in Mexico after their first date in the United States? – during which she unexpectedly passed out – according to the FBI affidavit.

Raymond and the unidentified woman began communicating in late 2017 and first met in February 2018, in San Diego. She told investigators that she passed out at some point during the date and could not remember any details for much of the night. In September, court records indicate that Raymond informed the woman that he had moved to Mexico City and asked her to visit him. He sent photos of himself and his new apartment, told her about the neighborhood and nearby restaurants, and suggested Halloween would be a great time to visit.

Although the woman was ultimately unable to arrange a trip to Mexico City for Halloween, she was able to get there to visit Raymond in November. The two had dinner together one evening and had lunch two days later, the woman told investigators. And while she said she remembered lunch, she said she passed out after dinner and had little memory of the evening she spent with Raymond.

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