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Accused killer Bailey Boswell convinced Tinder Date to join their murderous assembly of witches, witness testifies

The couple accused of fatally strangling Sydney Loofe, 24, after courting her over a The dating app has reportedly convinced at least one other Tinder date that they controlled a coven of witches who gained their powers by killing people.

“To get your power you have to breathe their last breath,” a witness, called AH on the stand, said Wednesday in Dawson County court, recounting his months-long relationship with Bailey Boswell and Aubrey Trail in 2017, according to NTV News.

Boswell, 26, is charged with first degree murder, conspiracy to murder and improper disposal of human remains for her role in the 2017 murder and dismemberment of Loofe, a cashier at a home improvement store Lincoln home. She denied any involvement in the murder.

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