ACKNOWLEDGE your story, US postal worker told Washington Post after reporting he returned to allegations of voter fraud – Dateway

A USPS employee in Pennsylvania, whose allegation of electoral fraud made him a hero among Trump supporters, rebuked a Washington Post article that he backed down on his allegations when he been questioned by investigators.

Postal worker Richard Hopkins claims he overheard his boss Erie Postmaster Robert Weisenbach Jr. talking to another employee about the back-dating of ballots that arrived after November 3. A Washington Post report said Tuesday that when Hopkins spoke to investigators at the USPS Inspector General’s office, he retracted his story in an affidavit under oath and admitted to having made it up. The point of sale cited “Officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.”

Hopkins responded with a video statement, saying it wasn’t true and that he “Would like the Washington Post to give up its wonderful little article.” He said: “You will find out tomorrow” without elaborating. The newspaper said they could not contact Hopkins for comment before publishing their article.

Hopkins’ claims were first published by controversial conservative outlet Project Veritas. Its leader James O’Keefe claims the Washington Post was “play” by federal agents, who interviewed Hopkins on Friday. According to O’Keefe, the officers attempted to “constrain” the whistleblower “Dilute” her story during the interview.

Democrats on the Oversight and Reform Commission, who had tweeted earlier about the supposed reversal of backdated allegations, wondered why Hopkins would sign a fake affidavit “With allegations of ballot forgery / fraud.”

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Donald trump called Hopkins “A brave patriot” help expose what he believes to be a rigged election. The US president has refused to concede defeat to Joe Biden and says widespread fraud affected the election outcome.

Weisenbach, Erie’s postmaster, had previously called Hopkins’ allegations “100% false” and said the man was “An employee who has recently been sanctioned several times.”

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