Adolf Hitler Cult caught directing machine guns for international drug traffickers

ROME – When police raided a warehouse in Andalusia, Spain last week, they found more than the illicit weapons management business they knew it had cracked. They also found a Third Reich shrine, with male and female mannequins dressed in immaculate Nazi uniforms, portraits of Adolf Hitler on the walls, and rare Nazi-era emblems and medals.

Police arrested a Briton and two Germans at the site for modifying guns bought in Eastern Europe for resale, including scraping serial numbers and boosting automatic capabilities with the aim of selling them to drug traffickers. drugs across Europe, according to the Spanish Civil Guard. . The three men were also charged with drug trafficking and document forgery.

In addition to the cache of 160 firearms – including 22 AK-47 assault rifles, eight submachine guns, 121 short arms including pistols, eight silencers, 10,000 bullets and a grenade containing 1.5 kilograms of explosives – they also found smuggled weapons licenses and other forged documents, according to a statement by the Spanish Civil Guard. Some of the weapons were already packed in tightly sealed bags for delivery.

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