After stealing the 2020 election in the biggest heist of all time, Joe Biden announces the theme of his inauguration “America United”

The freak show continues.

After stealing the 2020 election with the biggest heist in world history, Joe Biden, who probably didn’t receive 60 million valid votes against President Trump’s 74 million votes, wants to unite the country. He announced today that the theme for his inauguration, according to American Lookout, is “America United”.

Let us forgive and forget all. They steal your election, call you a racist, call you a liar for saying the election was stolen, steal your vote, impeach your president, subject him to constant coup attempts and attacks courts, call your president a racist, censor you, suppress your freedom of speech, force the racist BLM down your throat, steal two seats in the Georgia Senate…. but hey, let’s all pass… it’s not a big problem.

Biden has previously announced that he is hosting a zoom call for his inauguration in place of his famous circles:

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It is not known how many children will be at Biden’s inauguration:

We also don’t know if Corn Pop has evolved enough to be there:

What we do know is that this freak show is just beginning.

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