Alan Dershowitz: The chauvinist judgment must be overturned because of the riot threats and fear of howling mob

Alan Dershowitz: The chauvinist judgment has to be overturned because of the riot threats of the water and fear of howling mob
Attorney Alan Dershowitz / AP

Left-wing right-wing star Alan Dershowitz said the US Supreme Court should and could overturn the unfair conviction of Derek Chauvin in the death of drug addict George Floyd.

A “sword of Damocles” hung over the jury, Dershowitz told Newsmax. “They feared for their and the safety of their families, if not the safety of Americans in cities, which would be sure to explode if the verdict were not guilty.” Dershowitz blamed radical leftists like Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) And racing driver Al Sharpton for the atmosphere of intimidation.

“I think it should be reversed on appeal,” Dershowitz said.

But he didn’t stop there. He also said the judge had failed to perform his duty to confiscate the jury and protect it from outside pressure. And he will likely sentence chauvin to more time than such a defendant would normally receive. The reason: fear of the mob again.

The left political agenda of identity politics, Dershowitz said, has corrupted the criminal justice system.

Jury scared

On Tuesday, the jury convicted the former Minneapolis police officer on two homicide cases and one manslaughter, despite Floyd’s proven overdose of the strong opioid fentanyl and serious cardiovascular problems. Floyd also had the China virus known as COVID-19.

“But the jury voted for the conviction,” said Dershowitz firmly, “because they were afraid.”

“What was done to George Floyd by Officer Chauvin was morally inexcusable,” Dershowitz said. “But the verdict is very questionable to the outside influences of people like Al Sharpton and people like Maxine Waters.”

On Saturday, Waters said the jury had better judged or “we need to be more confrontational” Sharpton warned that “America is on trial” when the trial began.

The radicals “threats and intimidation” – “the sword of Damocles over the jury” – had a message, he said:

If you are not convicted of murder, the cities will burn on all charges, the land will be destroyed and the jury room will be invaded because the judge made a terrible mistake in not confiscating the jury. The judge himself said the case could be reversed on appeal. And I think it could be reversed on the appeal process. I think it should be reversed on appeal.

The Harvard law professor emeritus said the American Civil Liberties Union was “in this case” unless it were “racially charged” and Americans had good reason to be concerned about the future of process because of the threats.

“Every juror in this room about these threats,” he continued:

And when you sit down and think about it, you have to tell yourself, consciously or unconsciously, if I want to pass a judgment other than a murder sentence, what consequences this will have for me and my family, my friends, my business. That should never be allowed to enter a jury room. So I have no confidence in this judgment – which may be correct in some ways – but I have no confidence that this judgment was delivered through process and the rule of law, and not through the influence of the crowd.

Dershowitz accused Waters and Sharpton of following the “Game Book of the Deep South in the 1920s” when courthouse officials stirred up crowds demanding the conviction of blacks and the acquittal of whites. Higher courts overturned these judgments for the same reason that a higher court must overturn Chauvins.

Pointing out the famous Sam Shepard case, Dershowitz said the Supreme Court overturned judgments not based on what was happening in a courtroom but outside of what was happening outside the courtroom.

President Biden’s request for the correct judgment was not problematic as the jury had been confiscated to pass judgment when Biden spoke.

The judge

Dershowitz also pounced on Judge Peter Cahill. “This judge did not do well enough to protect the jury from outside pressure,” simply telling the judges not to watch the news, which is not good enough in the age of social media and smartphones.

The judge is also likely to harshly condemn Chauvin for fear of the mob too.

“Unfortunately, he is likely to put his finger to the wind and see what sentence he should impose that would not lead to all kinds of unrest,” said Dershowitz:

The entire judicial system has been corrupted by identity politics and the arming of the criminal justice system against certain agendas. So I’m not sure this judge is going to give the verdict he would normally give if the world weren’t .

Even so, Dershowitz said, Cahill himself said that Waters’ interference may have created grounds for a successful appointment.

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