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Texas-based radio and television host Alex Jones satirized corporate media’s premature claims about the 2020 presidential election by mockingly declaring himself “President-elect of the United ” this week, accompanied by graphics patriotic in style similar to those used by the Democrat. Gone when he called the early election for candidate Joe Biden.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the 46th President of the United ,” Jones said as he walked to the Infowars information desk in front of a screen that read “Office of President-elect Alex Jones”.

“Here we are ladies and gentlemen, thank you. Thank you, thank you, ”Jones continued. “You just have a dark blue background with the presidential seal on it, and a white font, and you’re the elected president. Forty-sixth President of the United , Alexander Emerick Jones of Texas. “

Jones added, “All you have to do is be a media outlet and then announce that you are allowed to announce the winner. He’s got the lectern, he’s got the shield, he’s got the symbol, everything. And that’s why they quadrupled on this fraud, and bet the farm and say everywhere, ‘He’s the president, he’s the president, Joe Biden Joe Biden Joe Biden, president-elect, president-elect, president-elect. ‘”

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The full sketch can be viewed below:

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Journalists recently took to harassing Republican senators and demanded that they congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris before the election was decided by other key on the battlefield.

On Tuesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shut down a reporter who demanded to know why the State Department had not welcomed Joe Biden’s transition team before the election decision:

“Is the State Department currently considering working with Biden’s transition team, and if not, and if not, at what point is it delaying a smooth transition or posing a risk to national security? ” remarked a masked journalist.

Pompeo’s eyes twinkled as he retorted, “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration. Alright, we’re ready.

“The world is watching what is going on here, we are going to count all the votes, when the process is finished, there will be selected voters, there is a process, the Constitution specifies it quite clearly”, added the secretary of State.

Legal investigations by the Trump campaign into the allegations of electoral fraud are still ongoing and have not yet been resolved at the time of writing.

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