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We recently celebrated the first anniversary of “three weeks to flatten the curve”. It has at times been difficult to keep up with the latest demands set by the government to unblock Britain. Our vaccine rollout has been successful – nearly half of our total population has received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine and more than six million people have received both. This was supposed to put us on a “one-way street to freedom”, but the rhetoric seems, not for the first time, to have changed. Matt Hancock a suggested this freedom can now only be reclaimed through weekly mass testing.

MailOnline has compiled a list of all the times the government has moved the easing targets.

Ministers introduced the first lockdown last March to “flatten the curve” of Covid infections, averting a crisis that would overwhelm hospitals.

People have been ordered to stay at home to prevent the pandemic from tearing society apart and subjecting the NHS to tensions it could not cope with.

Experts agreed that infections would inevitably occur, but the spread of cases over a longer period … would make it easier for hospitals.

In an attempt to justify pushing the nuclear button during the lockdown, the Minister presented graphics at Downing Street press conferences to illustrate why the plan would bring the outbreak to manageable levels.

Striking a somber tone on March 12, Mr Johnson warned of serious disruption that would last “for many months.”

But the Minister – who later publicly backed calls that Britain had to learn to live with the virus, saying the restrictions did not provide a “lasting solution” because the price was “too high” – refused to budge to ease the lockdown until the end of summer. , although cases have fallen to negligible levels.

The restrictions were not drastically lifted until the ‘Super Saturday’ of July 4, when only 45 Britons died from Covid each day, on average. For comparison, the current figure is 30.

Critics have accused Number 10 of silently shifting its strategy to fight Covid from containing the virus to seemingly trying to eliminate it – which experts say is impossible.

Cinemas, pubs and hairdressers were finally allowed to reopen on July 4 …

In a calculated bet to save Britain’s crippled economy, Mr Johnson hailed the move as “the biggest step yet on the road to recovery.”

But, a sign of the risks involved, he warned that the changes would be immediately rolled back if people abused the rules and the epidemic started to take off again. …

And vowing never to resort to another full lockdown again, he admitted that No. 10 must “move away from general, national, for targeted and local measures,” saying the government would not hesitate to impose the whack-a-mole style. restrictions if the virus began to “get out of hand again”.

But the minister short of his pledge, with nationwide restrictions creeping into the government’s arsenal from September, with the rule of six followed by a controversial 22-hour curfew. hours for pubs and restaurants.

Since Mr Johnson’s pledge, England have been dragged down by two separate attempts at multi-level lockdowns and two full-fledged national shutdowns.

Worth reading in its entirety.

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