ALLEGATIONS OF FRAUD: Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani at Good Day New York

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani aggressively argued Thursday for the Trump campaign’s legal challenge to the 2020 election results, alleging at a heated press conference that there was a “centralized” plan to carry out electoral fraud in the country. This is a different approach from what the campaign recently took in court, where they mainly focused on the validity of ballots and counts without claiming fraud. Although Giuliani presented no direct evidence of a massive fraud scheme, Giuliani claimed it was the “logical conclusion” following incidents which he said occurred in several states. . “What I am describing to you is massive fraud,” Giuliani said at the Capitol Hill press conference with other members of Trump’s legal team, who have repeatedly criticized the media and accused them of treat their efforts unfairly. At one point, Giuliani repeatedly said to a reporter: “You are lying”. His descriptions largely involved recitations of allegations made in several lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign. Former Vice President Joe Biden is the expected winner of the contest, but the Trump campaign is contesting those calls, raising concerns in several battlefield states. Watch what’s happening NOW from FOX. We’re a continuous stream of breaking news, live events and stories unfolding across the country. Get to know the news as it happens with limited commentary and no opinion. .

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