Almond Foaming Shaving Cream gives me the smoothest shave I’ve found

Like many in my early twenties, I spent a lot of time staring at the patches of hair on my cheeks, fearing that I would never be able to grow a full Grizzly Adams beard (despite the fact that I never really wanted a huge beard, anyway). In the second half of that decade, my mustaches were in full effect, however, and trust me, I grew up with a serious mane. And it was awesome, especially the goatee and the various mustaches that I enjoyed during the multi- withdrawal period.

Every two years now I grow a beard that I’m pretty proud of (gray hair and itchy growth phase, damn it) because a big beard is a good thing to have every now and then. The rest of the time I tend to have a lot of stubble, only shaving once or twice a week. This, I know well, is wise and stupid, because shaving one of growth me about three minutes, while shaving three or four days of growth 10 or even 15, my razor throws itself with longer hairs afterwards. a short passage on shaggy flesh. Plus, those longer whiskers lead to a lot more cuts and a lot more irritation.

Still, I just can’t make shaving part of my routine no matter how many times I engage in it. Now at least the nicks and cuts are fewer, the half week shaves faster and faster and my face often smells good thanks to Lather’s Almond shaving cream, honestly the best shaving cream I have. never used.

Light and airy, just a teaspoon or two of the stuff spreads out and covers my entire face and neck. The razors glide through the cream giving me a shave as close as I’ve ever had and with each stroke longer than with other products. To be sure of this, I have used other creams and gels a few times since the , and Lather wins each time in terms of closeness and how much hair I can remove at once.

And when the shave is done, my face is deeply hydrated and lightly scented like sweet almonds, which isn’t a bad way for a face to smell. Frankly, this every now and then shaving cream also briefly leaves my skin red with irritation, but I don’t care, that’s how much I enjoy the shave: a few minutes of redness while I react slightly. to something or other well worth the closure. shave and long-lasting smoothness and hydration.

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