Amazon Cashmere Sweater Review

Every time in a blue moon, I buy clothes from Amazon, and about half the time, the clothes end up being a pretty legitimate find. Even if it ends up messing up, it’s not that big of a deal because the returns are so easy. Either way, I recently decided to throw $ 40 on a super comfy oversized sweater and have no regrets.

At the top of the season, I had visions of myself tucked away in a navy cable knit number, and after researching this type of sweater at a few different retailers, I finally landed on this one from Amazon. . He arrived quickly, and it was love at first sight.

It is certainly a bit “expensive” for an Amazon garment, but it is very well constructed. It’s made with two-ply cashmere from Inner Mongolia, which means it’s super soft and warm. I noticed that some inexpensive sweaters have a tendency to itch and feel weird – and I was worried about that happening here – but this one doesn’t feel it.

As well as tacking it on to the cozy factor, this sweater has lovely details including braided style knit on each side and a relaxed almost boat neck. These little details allow you to dress the sweater up or down. I wore it with black leggings and flats and a messy bun when hanging out with a few girlfriends, and paired it with jeans, heeled boots and sparkly earrings for a nice dinner. by candlelight at home for a date.

If you’re not into blue, this oversized sweater comes in 13 other colors, including a lovely rustic caramel hue, rich forest green, and wine red. My only word of warning is that it should be washed carefully as it is cashmere. I usually put it on the delicate cycle and lay it flat to dry. Now to find out what color I will buy next.

Liny Xin Women’s Loose-Fit Cashmere Knit Sweater

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