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Amazon kicked off a record global hiring wave during 2020 as businesses went bankrupt, proving foreclosure policies only benefit large transnational corporations.

According to a New York Times report, “Amazon added 427,300 employees between January and October, bringing its workforce to more than 1.2 million people worldwide, up more than 50% from one ago. Its number of workers is now approaching the entire population of Dallas.

Amazon now employs an average of around 2,800 employees per .

“The scale of hiring is even greater than it looks because the numbers do not take into account employee turnover, nor the 100,000 temporary workers who were hired for the holiday shopping season. They also do not include what internal documents indicate as around 500,000 delivery drivers, who are contractors and not direct employees of Amazon, ”the report said.

Amazon’s growth rate is historically only beaten by the rise of the shipbuilding industry during WWII and surpasses the previous record of 230,000 employees added by Walmart in just one two. decades.

Along with similar increases for other large companies in the chain, Amazon saw its profits during the COVID pandemic skyrocket by 100% while businesses on average lost 30% of their profits and 21% closed permanently. .

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The CEOs of these companies have also seen their personal wealth increase to tens of billions while businesses have lost over $ 200 billion.

As Chris Menahan notes, Jeff Bezos was instrumental in bringing forward the very need for foreclosure policies that made him even richer.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ personal propaganda plant, The Washington Post, argued for lockdowns and peddled the corona hysteria that once again made Bezos the richest man in the world – even after he paid some 38 billion dollars for her divorce.

The success of monopoly companies during the coronavirus pandemic is further proof that the ‘big reset’ is purely designed to eliminate all economic competitors and make everyone, employees and customers, totally dependent on multinationals.

Kentucky Republican Representative Thomas Massie’s statement in April that the policies adopted in response to the pandemic represented “the greatest transfer of wealth from taxpayers to the super rich” in history has proven to be absolutely correct.



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