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Amazon has joined with its Big Tech comrades in stepping up censorship of any criticism of the “official” Covid-19 narrative, deploying obscuring apologies to justify the removal of journalist James Perloff’s latest book, he told RT.

After selling a respectable 3,500 copies in the past two months, Perloff’s book on the coronavirus pandemic and its militarization by global governments, ‘Covid-19 and upcoming agendas: Red-Pilled, ‘ was suddenly “banned” by, the writer revealed on Twitter Thursday.

Perloff spoke to RT on Friday about the platform’s disturbing censorship act and how he appeared to validate his book’s findings, expressing concern that “Censorship on Covid has gradually increased, even as the death rate linked to Covid has gradually declined.”

We are in a truly Orwellian culture.

The first sign of the problem came on Thursday when Amazon requested that it “clarify [his] rights to the book “ – something he had already done when it went on sale in August. But before he could finish gathering the material needed to prove once again that he had the global rights to his own work, he received another email from Amazon, this time claiming that they had withdrawn his book. . “In a quality assurance review of [his] catalog” because he “Violated content guidelines.”

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While Perloff said he “Asked them to clarify which guidelines [he] had violated, “ their response simply reaffirmed that the “Object” of his book had been found “In violation of our content guidelines,” declare the e-commerce monster “Will not be offering this title for sale on Amazon.”

We reserve the right to determine if the content provides a poor customer experience and to remove the content from sale.

With five other books already listed on the platform, Perloff has communicated a lot with Amazon over the years, but something was wrong about those latest posts. In previous communications, “They usually give at least one first name”, he said. “This time, I was dealing with people – or one person – who was hiding behind complete anonymity.”

The book traces how the Covid-19 pandemic has been used by governments around the world to impose draconian social control measures on a terrified population, assesses several theories regarding the origin of the virus and offers projections on what could be happening. profiling for humanity – including how people could work together to avoid some of the more totalitarian outcomes.

Perloff insists that the information it contains was meticulously obtained from medical professionals, academic publications, and primary care physicians, with hundreds of endnotes referencing scholarly journals and other irreproachable sources. “There is nothing I say in the book that is not documented,” he said, pointing out that several other coronavirus dissidents are selling their books on the platform without incident.

The political analyst is far from the first to come up against Amazon’s increasingly strict censorship. But as he knows the trials and tribulations of former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, who found his own corona skeptical book temporarily hushed up until billionaire Elon Musk called censorship attention to the social media, Perloff cynically lamented that he misses himself. “Friends among the rich and famous” to save his book from Amazon’s growing digital bonfire.

Ultimately, however, he has faith in the Streisand Effect, in which massive censorship efforts backfire and draw attention to the content they seek to remove. “If you tell people, ‘Don’t read this book,’ their instinct is to go read it.”

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