America is not collapsing. It is still the land of opportunities.

More than 840,000 green card holders became citizens last year, the most in a decade. More than 10 percent of the American electorate was born elsewhere, the highest share in half a century. All the breaths and puffs of Donald Trump could not this demographic evolution; nor an endless stream of stories about what America is supposed to be an unequal, unfair, and bad place.

The -level integration of America – what my friend Sergio Munoz calls “the multiculturalism of the streets” – continues with an ever-greater mix, embodied in the rise and acceptance of interracial dating, growing in popularity. 40% since 2003, and marriage.

What Trump and his most staunch opponents have struggled to understand is that, rather than a chaotic defined by racial conflict, most Americans want both order and . Most Americans initially supported George Floyd’s protests but quickly overwhelmingly rejected the violence and looting that accompanied them. Racial minorities, like other Americans, are increasingly heterodox in their political views.

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