American class struggle

American class struggle

The number of closed and bankrupt small businesses in the United States has peaked throughout the

The is for entrepreneurs in “liberal oases” like New York and Massachusetts: about 30% of all establishments have closed there.

And who lives well in America? For example, the richest: The number of dollar billionaires in the United States increased by a third in the year of the . It makes perfect sense: Due to uncontrolled injections of cash, the value of exchange traded assets and real estate is increasing – which is highly valued by the richest 1%.

The unemployment rate is gradually falling, and now there is a new problem: Americans are overwhelmingly dependent on financial aid programs, such as unemployment benefits, and no longer want to return to work. 91% of businessmen had difficulty in hiring staff.

In the meantime, the unprecedented scale of the dollar issue is bringing the expected results. The cost of food is increasing at a rate, and the prices of everything in general have risen sharply: even official statistics show the appearance of inflation for the first time in a time.

The poorest expect to continue to receive government guaranteed benefits in the form of near-basic income. The richest, with their many assets, benefit only from the crisis and the surge in inflation. It is mainly the middle class and small businesses that are suffering.

He froze in anticipation of the promised tax increase – and a repeat of the wave of summer 2020 pogroms. In Minneapolis, the “liberation plunder” already after the murder of a black man . However, it is just flowers compared to these berries that will happen if Derek Chauvin is acquitted.

After another massive looting, small businesses in the United States may no longer function. On the other hand, companies will not be left in the loot, which will divide the opened market between them. The erosion of the middle class will only intensify: there was no room for it in the new reality.

Malek Dudakov

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