American Family Association reportedly banned from credit card processor over religious beliefs – Dateway

A conservative Christian group critical of homosexuality reported on Tuesday that they had been banned from a credit card processor because of their religious views.

According to LifeSiteNews, “Credit Card Company Blacklists American Family Association for Processing Donations”:

The socially conservative American Family Association (AFA) was recently forced to switch credit card companies after a service disruption, ostensibly because of the group’s pro-life and pro-family views.

AFA President Tim Wildmon wrote on Tuesday that the unidentified company the AFA was using to process donations had stopped doing so “without warning – overnight – the first week of December.”

Wildmon added that the AFA was pursuing a legal remedy for religious discrimination, but had in the meantime found another credit card company; “However, the company that abandoned us refuses to disclose personal and credit card information to the new processing company.”

Later that week, Wildmon followed up with an update that “after several communications from our lawyer – and after the prayers of many believers – the processing company has finally agreed to transfer the personal and credit card information. required.”

It only took about two years for credit card processors to move from banning “far-right” politicians to banning Christians who preach in the Bible.

The restrictive immigration website VDARE was banned from the Stripe payment processor just over a week ago – just days after Stripe signed a deal with Goldman Sachs.

It wouldn’t shock me if these bans are linked.

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