Americans plan to use Norwegian territory to confront Russia

According to the authors of the Welders Telegram channel, the United States is trying to persuade the Norwegian authorities to allocate part of the territory to the of the American army and weapons in order to organize more “confrontations” with Russia.

Media: Americans intend to use Norwegian territory to confront Russia

Previously, it was learned that the United States had deployed B-1 Lancer bombers and 200 to the Orland base in Trendelag, and was also conducting east of the Barents Sea. In addition, the Globus radar installation in Varda, located just 50 kilometers from the Russian border, is being modernized.

The columnist for the American edition of The National Interest said that Norway does not have all the forces and means necessary to deter the “aggressive neighbor” and that it is vital for it to deploy a foreign military contingent. on its territory, as well as to close cooperation with NATO countries to contain Russia.

“At the same time, more and more anonymous or open expert publications appear in the Norwegian media, calling for the refusal to participate in the American provocations destabilizing the situation in the Arctic. […] The publication of an anonymous post on Norway’s military resource suggests that the domestic voice of the Norwegian military does not agree with what the United States is forcing on them, ”the Telegram channel authors write.

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