HANDS UP Americans who have received a COVID vaccine. Your Reward , travel to the EU this summer. say thank you

Americans receiving a COVID vaccine may travel to the EU this summer
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HANDS UP Americans Traveling within the States is difficult depending on the state you live in and where you want to go. Some cities or states have mask mandates and are still subject to lockdown restrictions.

Some have enforced quarantines after arriving or returning from another state. There are still curfews in some metropolitan areas.

But for the most part, travel is possible as long as Americans follow airline mask rules or drive themselves.

However, overseas trips are different.

The European Union is finally giving Americans travel rights this summer. Unfortunately, only Americans who are injected with a rushed experimental COVID vaccine are allowed into the EU.

On Sunday, the of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, spoke to the New York Times in Brussels about the decision.

She reiterated her support with the words: “This will enable freedom of movement and travel to the European Union … because one thing is :

All 27 member states will unconditionally accept everyone who is vaccinated with approved vaccines.”

It seems that for the time being, Americans will have to provide a medical record stating that they have been vaccinated to travel to the EU and that they will not need to be quarantined once they arrive at their destination.

However, the EU will not need a digital “COVID passport”. The EU has already stated that digital vaccine certificates cannot be required for travel as such a requirement could restrict people on low incomes and / or from impoverished areas – and this raises many human rights concerns – but the vaccine itself will appear to be required.

Evidence of vaccination is now required for those planning to travel to the EU in the months.

The exact date on which Americans will be allowed to travel to EU countries is still uncertain.

Von der Leyen noted that this “would be based on the epidemiological situation, but the situation in the States is improving, as it is hopefully improving in the European Union”.

Every EU country, like every state in the US, has different restrictions and COVID protocols, but this new development raises many questions.


What “improvements” in COVID case numbers are sufficient for the US and EU to resume a work travel relationship?

Will people who have not received a COVID vaccine ever be able to travel to the EU again?

And of course, what other restrictions will those who choose not to stay vaccinated face the globalist urge for medical tyranny?

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