Amy Coney Barrett will be the most anti-woman of all time

Few things have been so upsetting for me as a feminist than seeing the Trump administration backtracking equates to rights and protections. So when feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, I knew this was going to be Donald Trump’s chance to shit on women once again, and sadly, I was right.

Months ago, cheerful former Trump adviser and Trump’s enemy friend Sam Nunberg told me that Trump is “saving Amy Coney Barrett for the death of RBG.” There was something deeply disgusting about this prediction, but of course like all disgusting things about Trumpworld, it turned out to be true.

The idea was simple: Amy Coney Barrett was a woman; RBG was a woman; we feminists should be happy to have another woman because women are women and obviously all women are largely the same because they are not men. You know, similar plumbing and everything.

But if anything, ACB – which actually isn’t cool enough to earn an RBG-style three-letter nickname – is the anti-RBG. RBG was a champion for women’s rights. During the 1970s, under the leadership of RBG, the ACLU was involved in 66% of cases of gender discrimination. That’s a pretty stark contrast to Barrett, who is more of a conservative activist, a Phyllis Schlafly 2.0. Barrett is a mom and a religious fanatic, and that’s why Republicans feel comfortable putting her in the highest court, as they are confident that she won’t betray them and, on top of that, she has seven children. Republicans are extremely impressed with his seven children. Having all these children is proof that while Barrett is accomplished, she still projects traditionally feminine values.

The Conservatives immediately told us that it was anti-feminist to attack Judge Barrett for being a woman and therefore we were bad feminists for pointing out that she was a very conservative justice that would completely change the makeup of the court. . How dare women attack another woman, says the Tory scandal machine, who is unsurprisingly outraged. The irony is that, as Sarah Jones writes, “Barrett is the beneficiary of decades of right-wing activism, much of which is led by women who not only rejected feminism, but actively sought to bring it down.

And perhaps the most telling commentary on Barrett came from National review editor Ramesh Ponnuru. “The main reason I prefer Barrett, however, is the most obvious: she’s a woman … If Roe vs. Wade is never overturned – as I certainly hope it will, as this is an unfair decision with no plausible basis in the Constitution – it would be better if it were not made only by male judges, each woman being a dissenter. Who better to take away the rights of a woman than another woman, because another woman would never be labeled sexist. Right?

In his third debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016, Trump said, “If we appoint two or maybe three more judges, it will happen. And it will happen automatically, in my opinion, because I put judges pro- life on the ground. ”Of course, Barrett declined to comment on his opinions during the hearings.

Conservatives are using Barrett’s femininity to whitewash his conservatism, which is deep and serious and will change the makeup of the court for generations.

We can’t necessarily get much out of Judge Barrett’s long record: She’s only been a judge since she was appointed by Trump in November 2017. But during that hearing, Dianne Feinstein has been criticized for saying that “dogma lives noisily within you.” Yes, Democrats are not allowed to bring up Barrett’s religion, although she wrote an article that said “Catholic judges may be unable to apply the death penalty because it would violate their beliefs.” This article actually invokes his religion, but Democrats are not allowed to discuss it. Ted Cruz said: “Let’s be clear: the expected attempts of the Democrats to derail this process, as well as their contempt for Judge Barrett and his faith, will not prevent this appointment.”

And it is clear that part of the dogma does not live so strongly in it. For example, as ElieMystal notes, she supports this famous Jesus sermon: “You will refuse any neighbor who could ask for an EBT card to pay for his bread.” Yes, in 2020 Barrett was the sole voice in support of the Trump administration’s policy of denying entry to immigrants who may in the future need public assistance.

But conservatives always know that where it matters to them, in the wombs of women, Barrett almost certainly believes life begins at conception. It’s hard to imagine that she won’t support the Supreme Court by imposing more restrictions on abortion.

Barrett spent the first day of his questioning at the Supreme Court refusing to answer all of the Democrats’ questions. Republicans filibustered, asking questions about her children and her dresses. But the reality is, it is a scam. It is a partisan scam. Barrett will be confirmed because Mitch has the vocals, and nothing that is said this week will change that.

Soon Judge Barrett will be Judge Barrett, sitting on America’s highest court, and she’ll prove to be the same kind of feminist as Ivanka, all shiny hair and good white teeth, but as far as your right, ladies, you’re kinda fucked up. I want her to stay away from our wombs. It will be as bad for women as RBG was for women.

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