An unusual path to a Trump election victory; French politician denounces Biden’s ties to China | NTD

00:00 How Congress Can Win Trump Election fraud allegations bring to the fore an additional possibility for elections: State legislatures, which have a GOP majority, confirm that Trump is the winner. Some Republicans are already talking about it. But how would that actually work? A lawyer explains. 4:17 AM CA: Concerns over voting with Sharpie pens The Giordano family in Southern California went to vote at a local polling station on election day, but said they felt bad about it. Comfortable that polling officers forced them to fill out ballots with pointed pens instead of pointy ballpoint pens. Although there were both types of pens at the polling station. 07:03 Rep. McCarthy: Mandate Against Socialism Republican Representative and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made a public announcement for the first time since election day Thursday. He listed instances where Democrats and some media have predicted Republicans would win very few races. 8:57 AM French politician denounces Biden ties The outcome of the US election of a new president, including legal questions filed by Trump’s team, is likely to have an impact in Europe. In France, Emmanuel Macron congratulated Biden, but some experts are worried about what could happen if the Democratic candidate is elected. #Socialism #Politics #Sharpie ——————— 💎Subscribe to NTD: 💎Support NTD: 💎 Seeking real news that doesn’t spin facts? Try our sister media outlet The Epoch Times digital for $ 1: 💎Sign the petition to investigate, condemn and reject the Chinese Communist Party ▶ ️ Watch us on cable ☛ NTD America: Verizon Fios® TV, Channel 158 For more information and videos, visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ Follow us on Talk ☛ Like us on Facebook ☛ Contact us: ——————— Watch more : NTD News Today NTD Evening News NTD Business How the specter of communism runs our world Featured videos on NTDs.

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When it comes to clues, what’s in a name?