Andrew Cuomo, attacking press and whipped parents, looks a lot like Donald Trump

For New Yorkers who lived through the zero point of the pandemic, the personality of serious governor Andrew Cuomo was more of a media mythology than reality. And while the governor’s daily briefings have touted him as the benevolent anti-Trump as the ’s first wave criticized New York and America, he’s increasingly showing his true colors.

Cuomo, who promotes his new book on ‘Pandemic Leadership’, lashes out at reporter for asking why don’t know why New York’s schools are closing even as bars and gyms remain open. The governor said the journalist’s question was “unpleasant” and that the blame did not end with him but with local officials. Seems familiar?

There are plenty of mini-Trumps in Cuomo, starting with reckless anti-science bravado. Check the boxes of similarity.

Refusal to take the heat, let alone any thoughtful investigation, from the press? Check.

Instead of reassessing his questionable decisions to reopen indoor restaurants, gyms and other non-essential social congregations amid an expected fall resurgence, Cuomo insulted reporters for asking why he would allow the mayor to close schools, where the positivity rate was very low. , without a game plan to get them back up and running, while the bars and gyms in the city, controlled by the governor and where the at spread, stay open.

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