Angry Cali business owner at health department workers – “Are you going to pay my rent?” – Dateway

Video that has gone viral online shows a restaurant owner angry with health department for arresting and citing him despite complying with all COVID regulations.

Anton Van Happen, owner of the Ventura, Calif., Gyro house, “Nick The Greek,” is seen yelling at health inspectors, shouting, “I followed the !” I continued to follow the and you always give me quotes, telling me I have to shut down my business.

“You don’t follow the ,” replied a health inspector.

“I follow the , my tables are inside,” he pleaded. “Are you going to pay my rent?” he asked him.

Continuing, the owner explained that he protested by setting his tables outside the restaurant, but never served anyone outside and only made take out or deliveries, according to the . of State.

Disagreeing, the health department official said he was breaking the law by operating without a license.

However, Van Happen argued that the original closing quote was false because he never broke any law in the first place.

While proceeding to enforce their citation, the health inspector told the owner that the state had already closed the business and the refusal to close warrants another citation.

“What am I going to do if I close?” Are you going to pay my rent? Shouted the frustrated entrepreneur. “If you don’t pay my rent, then I’m not closing.”

In the following video, Anton details the encounter and vows to ‘fight it’.

“I don’t know how to fight this, but I will find a way to fight this,” he said. “I do not know what to do. We’ll see what happens, but that’s the support you get from the Department of Health and the government these days. We’re already under so much stress and pressure trying to keep ourselves afloat and open, and even though we now comply by putting all of our chairs and tables inside, they still do.

Many prominent Americans shared Anton’s video, criticizing the baseless lockdowns.

Check out a local report on the war on small business below:

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