Anti-lockdown London mayoral candidate arrested at campaign rally – Dateway

Metropolitan Police arrested activist and mayoral candidate Piers Corbyn during an anti-lockout protest on Saturday.

Corbyn, 73, brother of Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, was reportedly arrested by police for breaking lockdown .

It was the fifth time Corbyn had been arrested since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Police raided Piers Corbyn’s campaign rally where his slogan ‘Let Live’ was proudly displayed on a banner.

“Shame on you,” people shouted at the cops who were dragging Corbyn in handcuffs.

A woman can be heard repeatedly shouting: “You are stopping an election campaign!”

Corbyn, a British meteorologist and physicist who had previously spoken out against alleged man-made global warming, is currently running for Mayor of on the platform of ending COVID lockdowns.

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Hammersmith and Fulham Police Department statements describes the event, “This afternoon, anti-lockdown protesters and musicians gathered in Bishops Park, SW6 at around 1 pm. The local agents engaged with the organizers, however, they refused to acknowledge our instructions and continued to set up their instruments, which gathered a large crowd.

“More units were requested before the organizer of the event was arrested,” police said. “A total of 5 people were arrested for their participation in today’s protest. We will continue to closely monitor any such breaches and for the time being we thank the support of our partners and residents. “

Outgoing mayor Sadiq Khan essentially bars his competitors from campaigning against him by arresting and fining candidates for staging rallies and even banning them from handing out leaflets.

Heritage Party mayoral candidate David Kurten warned: “This is the start of fascism.”

Americans had better take note of the fascist state of British politics, because it is happening here quickly.

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