Anti-vaccination protest around the world

A non-exhaustive summary of worldwide anti-coup19 and other protests this week

As most reports come from agencies like AP (for Associated Propaganda), the utmost caution should be exercized regarding these ‘articles’. In many cases, we have amended the articles with reports from direct witnesses or alternative and independant news or oberservers.

Greece: Protests in Athens against the local covid gestapo

Greek police have clashed with more than 500 protesters in an Athens suburb, using tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowd.

The crowd was protesting police violence, but views of what happened earlier Sunday diverge widely.

Police Gestapo say that a motorcycle patrol went to suburb Nea Smyrni’s main square just before 3 p.m. Sunday to investigate lockdown violations and that they were set upon by a group of 30 people (oh my god what a crime).

But videos uploaded on several websites show peaceful citizens arguing with police and suddenly being thrown to the ground and attacked with batons.

Have these goons nothing better to do than bullying peaceful citizens? Why don’t they go after the real criminals in the ultra corrupt Greek government instead?

Romania: anti-vaccination protest

The article from Foxnews is a copy paste of the AP one. So subject to doubts. However thousands of protesters took to the street to protest against covid fascist policies including renewal of useless, absurd and insane lockdowns, but also useless, dangerous, insane masks and untested, deadly and experimental injections forced upon people to advance ‘vaccination passports’ and other parts of the global control agenda.

Ireland: Anti-Lockdown protests in Dublin

On Sunday, an irate Irish society finally said ‘no more’. For a year they had been subjected to a criminally long lockdown to the detriment of their physical, emotional, and well being. Thousands of people took to the streets of Dublin…

Also here:

Ireland: thousands protest against lockdowns and government/media lies in Cork city

Article from the Irish Times, one of the mainstream establishment piece, so to take with caution in term of exactitude and fairness. Our comment have been added to clarify the numbers based on direct witnesses who attended the rally.   

An anti-lockdown rally has passed off without incident in Cork city centre… …a crowd estimated by gardaí to be around 700 strong.

In reality, the crowd was around 1000-1500 people and expected to be much more if the police forces had not setup checkpoints on the main axis leading to the city and send back people who wanted to attend.

Among the speakers was former Cork County Councillor, Diarmuid O Cadhla, denouncing the Government for lying about the numbers of people dying from Covid-19 and creating fear among people for a lockdown that was unnecessary.

“People are genuinely frightened – they are living in fear, needlessly,” said Mr O Cadhla, who accused the Government of “spinning the figures” and said they were focusing on “one disease that was a minor cause of death” rather than investing in a proper public health system for everyone.

“The banks and big pharma are going to make trillions of dollars in profit from this crisis and we, the people are again being used as cannon fodder to enrich the richest in our society. We need media that tell us the truth and we need journalism that finds out the truth and we are not getting that.”

Earlier another speaker, who described himself as an ordinary family man, said he was attending the rally simply to show his frustration with the government with its “unconstitutional use of lockdown against Covid”.

“I march for all the people who have died lonely from all causes since this lockdown started and were never given a proper funeral – I march for their families too who have not been able to grieve properly because of this unnecessary lockdown,” he said.

Anti plandemic protests in Florida

Warning: This video comes from a pro-establishment piece so never mind the lies…Important thing is that people protested against this insanity.

Canada: Arrests, tickets and no answers – Toronto police continue crackdown on anti-lockdown protests

It was like déjà vu all over again at Queen’s in Toronto last Saturday. In the shadow of the cenotaph — a monument that commemorates those Canadians who gave their lives in numerous wars to preserve our rights and freedoms — members of the Toronto Police Service were ticketing and arresting anti-lockdown protesters who had the temerity to… display a sign… or wave a flag… or merely stand in a doing absolutely nothing!

Once again, I reached out to members of Toronto’s Finest to find out why they were behaving in such a shameful fashion. And once again, I was told to direct my queries to the communications department of the Toronto Police Service.

The thing is, I had already done so, days before the Saturday protest. I sent along five specific questions, but the blanket answer that I received back was a non-answer. I’ll allow you to be the judge. First, here are my five queries:

Why are some protesters being ticketed and arrested?

Last Saturday [Feb. 20], we heard over a police walkie-talkie the following statement: “Remove the identifiable leader and arrest anyone with a megaphone or a sign.” Why is it a crime to have a megaphone and/or a sign at Queen’s or Yonge-Dundas Square?

If these arrests are being done in the name of social distancing, why weren’t protesters taking part in Black Lives Matter demonstrations [over the summer] arrested?

Further to Question 3, why did police (including the former Chief of Police) take part in those [BLM] protests by bending the knee?

Who is directing police to arrest anti-lockdown demonstrators: Mayor Tory, Premier Ford or someone else?


In the meantime, the new rules in the new normal that exists in Tory’s Toronto would appear to be this: If you wave a flag, you will be arrested. If you display a sign, you will be arrested. If you speak into a megaphone, you will be arrested. If you stand alone on a street corner, you will be arrested.

All of which makes one ponder: is this really Queen’s in 2021… or Tiananmen Square in 1989?

Stockholm protest Sweden’s lockdown

WARNING: Another smear piece from AP (associated propaganda), with the tired usual propaganda, lies and slur against freedom lovers . So we removed the passages where the presstitutes vomit their usual: ‘farright’, ‘conspiracytheorists’ or ‘antivaxxers’.

“There are so many people in Sweden who have had enough of these restrictions, which are really unfounded, and want to put their foot down and show that we don’t agree to it anymore,” Filip Sjostrom, an organizer from Freedom Sweden, told Expressen.

Sweden, a country with a liberal globalist government whose ‘police’ is very lax against criminal who burn churches, rape, detonate artisanal bombs  or torch police cars in cities like Malmo in almost total impunity.

Strangely, the same inefficient police forces are suddenly very tough and active against Swedes who fight for their rights! The economic Forum agenda is obviously more important than democracy and public safety for the puppet politicians trying to force the ‘great fascist reset’ down the throats of their populations. It also appears that the Swedish puppet government is now trying to force ‘vaccination passports’ on citizens, as if we were cattle, something not mentioned in this article.

Talking about fascism, Israel, where criminal Netanyahu Apartheid/neo-Nazi regime forces ‘green passes’ on vaccinated people and virtual yellow badges to those who refuse the injection blackmail by excluding them from society, exactly like the Nazis did for the Jews… We know where this kind of fascist politcies end.

Protesters demonstrate against vaccine coercion, green passports in Tel Aviv

Speakers and protestors called for more government transparency, and to stop tyranny

Demonstrators gathered in Tel Aviv on Wednesday to protest against forced vaccination and the green passport program, which allows vaccinated individuals and recovered COVID-19 patients to take part in certain activities, including attending mass gatherings.

Speakers and protestors alike called for more “government transparency,” and to “stop tyranny.” The protesters demanded that the government remove a 30-year embargo on the details of the Constitution Committee’s meetings on coronavirus restrictions and cancel the green passport initiative, which they say leads to a two-tier system within Israeli society: a privileged “vaccinated class” and an lower class of those who can’t get the vaccine, or don’t want to.

One large sign held by members of the crowd read “apartheid” in English and Hebrew in bold next to a green passport. Another large sign equated green passports with the tattooed arms of former Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoners.

One speaker invoked the memory of his great aunt, saying she was killed by the “exact same kind of people” who are today placing restrictions on movement, saying that “the people are tired of medical oppression.”

Netanyahu, a known felon who should be in jail, yet still in power trying to emulate Adolf Hitler himself and the South Africa Apartheid’ s regime at the same .

Israel again:

Demonstrators gather in dozens of locations around country for Saturday rallies; woman assaulted and lightly hurt in north

Amid protests, anti-PM groups say violence against them now ‘routine’.

Anti-Lockdown protest continues across Europe

Anti-lockdown protests reignited across Europe, thousands of protesters took to the streets in various European cities on Saturday to denounce COVID-19 restrictions, put in place by the respective government.

Demonstrators stage a march in the streets of Georgia. (Video)

Not really connected to COUP19 but these protests happened this week:

New protests in Spain over the jailing of rapper’s backers

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) (again, caution as the original propaganda piece comes from AP.

— Several hundred protesters marched Saturday in Spain’s northeastern city of Barcelona against the authorities’ crackdown following a violent outcry over the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél, an anti-establishment artist.

Saturday’s march took place amid a heavy police presence, winding through several avenues of the Catalan regional capital. Protesters walked behind a banner that called for the release of Hasél and his jailed supporters.

The rapper is serving nine months for inciting terrorism — he has praised two now-defunct armed groups responsible for killing over 900 people in Spain — and for refusing to pay a fine for insulting Spain’s former king.

Surreal, 9 months in prison for a singer because he refuses to pay a fine for telling the truth about the former king and because he praised a defunct armed group… The far-left dictatorship is now close to Franco’s fascist regime, thanks to coup19!

India where the farmers are fighting the globalist hydra and their local puppet, Modi. They are also fighting for their survival. And their struggle is important for the rest of the .

Indian farmers mark 100th day of protests with road blockade

NEW DELHI – Thousands of Indian farmers blocked a massive expressway on the edges of New Delhi on Saturday to mark the 100th day of protests against agricultural laws that they say will devastate their income.

Farmers stood on tractors and waved colorful flags while their leaders chanted slogans via a loudspeaker atop a makeshift stage.

Thousands of them have hunkered down outside New Delhi’s borders since late November to voice their anger against three laws passed by Parliament last year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government says the laws are necessary to modernize agriculture, but farmers say they will leave them poorer and at the mercy of big corporations.

Samyukta Kisan Morcha, or Joint Farmers’ Front, said the blockade would last five hours. “It is not our hobby to block roads, but the government is not listening to us. What can we do?” said Satnam Singh, a member of the group.

The farmers have remained undeterred even after violence erupted on Jan. 26 during clashes with police that left one protester dead and hundreds injured. But they could soon run into problems.

For 100 days, Karnal Singh has lived inside the back of a trailer along a vast stretch of arterial highway that connects India’s north with New Delhi. He camped outside the capital when it was under the grip of winter and smog. Now the city is bracing for scorching summer temperatures that can hit 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit).

But Singh, like many other farmers, is unfazed and plans to stay until the laws are completely withdrawn.

“We are not going anywhere and will fight till the end,” Singh, 60, said Friday, as he sat cross-legged inside a makeshift shelter in the back of his truck.

This is the right attitude!

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