Antifa / BLM loses it with beautiful woman holding pro-police sign – Dateway

Video that goes online shows activists in Omaha, Nebraska Antifa / BLM disturbing themselves when they see a young woman holding a sign saying “I (heart) OPD”.

The girl, who was visually the opposite of the black-clad Communists in her pink and white sweater, simply walked past the group with her sign raised in the air and was immediately harassed.

“F ** k that sign. You’re not going anywhere, damn, ”one protester shouted, trying to hit the woman’s sign.

“Bitch, you think that shit is funny,” they shouted as she tried to walk away from the unruly crowd.

At this point, a policeman tripped or attacked a protester and colleagues fired paintballs into the crowd, causing them to curse the “fascists” and disperse.

See another angle of the encounter below:

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