“Antifa clearly led the attack. It was quite obvious.”

Award-winning journalist Michael Yon was at the United States Capitol on January 6 and claims that the provocateurs of the event were clearly Antifa.

We last saw Yon at the protests in Hong Kong. He gave us photos and a video of the events that took place there in July 2019. Yon was inside the Hong Kong Legislative Building the night protesters damaged the building.

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Yon was also at the United States Capitol on January 6. Yon shared the following:

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What we’ve seen so far and being physically present, Antifa has clearly led the attack. It was quite obvious. For example outside during part of the attack, when there was a lot of gas and rubber bullets, I’m not sure. They were throwing flash bangs, it’s clear we were there. There was a lady on the mega phone saying ‘send the mask, send the mask’. She said it time and time again and so on on our video and others, this is a clear Hong Kong tactic that I have never seen in any other war and conflict. What the Hong Kong people would say constantly: send water, send a mask, send shields.

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