Antifa hides behind police protection during million MAGA March – Dateway

An overwhelming presence of Patriotic American Citizen presence descended on Washington, DC on Saturday for the Million MAGA March Against Election Fraud, and as promised, the Black Block Antifa and Black Lives Matter have come forward to counter protest. Oddly, however, while Antifa and BLM are known for their anti-police rhetoric, their members have largely chosen to hide behind lines of uniformed riot police while waving placards bearing empty and violent threats.

Video footage of the march shows a black bloc Antifa contingent huddling behind police while waving banners with violent calls for “Punch MAGA in the face”, as well as “Biden / Harris 2020” campaign signs .

Trump supporters can be heard repeatedly calling members of the antifa “p ** sies” in the footage.

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National File found another small contingent of Antifa, some wearing cheap tactical vests and gas masks, on the ground during the march. Outnumbered by Trump supporters, black bloc activists did not seem interested in engaging in their tactics of violence and arson when there was a risk of backlash.

Several hours before the march, members of the chauvinistic Proud Boys organization marched through the streets of DC shouting the phrase “F ** k Antifa!”

Overall, Saturday’s march was markedly peaceful, as despite their bold aspirations to ‘hit the Nazis’ and ‘punch MAGA in the face’, the BLM and Antifa activists seemed rather content to stand well behind. the lines of the protective police of the metro responsible for preserving their security.

The number of Trump supporters at the MAGA Million March seemed to easily eclipse the number of violent Black Lives Matter rioters who had gathered in the same town months before.

UPDATE: As the events wrapped up and families began to leave the event grounds, violent cowards associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa chose children, seniors, women and young couples marching only for thefts and violent assaults. There have been no reports of attacks on groups of able-bodied adult males.

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