Antifa operatives caught with guns during protests on January 6, arrested and released – FBI Chief CHRIS WRAY NOTIFYED

Earlier this week, FBI chief Chris Wray lied to the United States Senate and claimed there was no evidence that Antifa members played a role in the January 6 protests on the U.S. Capitol.

Wray says there is no Antifa evidence left-wing groups played a role in Capitol Riot on January 6

Chris Wray also said there was no evidence of Antifa members disguised as Trump supporters during the January 6 protests.
It was another lie.

Seriously? … FBI Director Chris Wray Testifies There Is No Evidence Of “False Trump Supporters” On Capitol Hill During Riot

The disparity between how federal prosecutors apply the law to Trump supporters and those associated with Antifa is anything but equal.

Below are two such cases that occurred in the same area of ​​DC on the same day and were for the same offense.
It appears that government prosecutors tend to drop charges of those associated with left-wing groups like Antifa and overburden those on the right who support President Trump.

Here is an example:

An Antifa member was caught with a gun and on January 6 on weapons charges. But Leslie Grimes was later released despite lying to the officers about the weapon in their vehicle.

Via NBC News:

Leslie Grimes and two fellow antifa members traveled to Washington from Michigan to counter-protest at Trump’s rally. According to one of Grimes’ friends, the group walked for a while but returned to the car after Grimes was manhandled by Trump supporters.

As the trio got into the car, they were surrounded by officers who said someone had reported being seen “putting in the trunk,” according to a video of the meeting posted on Facebook.

One of the three denied that there were any in the car, but officers found a handgun in the trunk.

Grimes was taken into custody for possession of an unlicensed firearm after telling police the firearm belonged to her. She spent the night in jail, but authorities refused to press charges, according to her lawyer.

The friend said he did not understand how the police knew there was a gun in the car. “It was in the trunk all the time,” the friend said. “How would they know? It does not mean anything.

Likewise, two Trump supporters were caught with a gun in their car. But they were not released. The two were after telling police they had a gun in their car.

Via NBC News:

Charles Snell, 40, and Timothy Wolfe, 32, came together from Chesapeake, Va., to take part in the Trump rally, arriving around 11 a.m. They had been on the road for about three hours and were excited to take photos at the event and “be a part of the story,” Snell said in an interview.

But they never made it to the rally.

Snell transformed into what he thought was a public parking lot on 12th Street, a few from the National Mall.

A security guard stopped the car and asked them if they had any weapons inside, Snell said. Snell, a private security guard himself, had a handgun in his backpack in the backseat. Wolfe the guard he had a pistol on the floor, a 9mm Glock with 12 rounds in the magazine.

The two men were placed under arrest for carrying a pistol without a license, possession of unregistered ammunition and possession of a high capacity ammunition supply device.

“It was my fault,” Snell said. “I didn’t do any research before I came, otherwise I wouldn’t have brought nail clippers on my keychain. Heck no. ”

“I do security,” he added. “If I get some sort of conviction, I risk losing my license.”

Snell said they brought their just for safety on their trips to and from Washington.

This is a stunning example of the double standard and the lies coming from our media and from Washington DC.

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