Appellant’s Elderly Mother Cancels Two Covid Shots Due to ‘Bill Gates’ Conspiracy Theory | LBC

This desperate caller told LBC that his 78-year-old mother had canceled two Covid dates over fears over ‘Bill Gates microchip’ conspiracy theories. It comes after the head of NHS England said “significant progress” was being made in the campaign to overcome reluctance to the COVID vaccine, but it comes amid a “pandemic of disinformation”. This was strongly demonstrated in a study which found that much lower proportions of black and Asian staff at Leicester NHS Trust teaching hospitals have come forward to have a Covid-19 vaccine. Caller Meliha told Nick Ferrari that she is Asian and that her mother has absorbed many divergent opinions and rumors within the community. Her mother has canceled two appointments for the Covid Jab vaccine and she is desperately trying to book one for her mother for this week. “It’s all these conspiracy theories, I really don’t know where they came from, it’s Bill Gates’ one about the microchip,” Meliha said, “my mom has a smartphone and I had to have very long discussions with mom about how to check the videos or news she receives. “She told Nick that she must have sifted through the links and videos on her mom’s phone and explained that it was fake news.” A bad opinion or rumor begins and it spreads if quickly, especially within our community, “she said, adding that” there are a lot of people in her community. [who are] to get vaccinated. Other people told Meliha’s mother that she shouldn’t get the vaccine until the Pfizer doses were available, to which Meliha replied that her local health center couldn’t keep a certain amount. vaccine especially for her. persuading a lady like Meliha’s mother to get the vaccine. “Within the Asian community itself, it’s really about ‘seeing the monkey do’. If there are enough people who don’t experience any side effects, that’s why I said, ‘Mom, tell everyone who has had them’ … she’s doing a bit of her own research, ‘ Meliha said. Meanwhile, Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi told Nick that he promises to share more vaccine data to tackle the reluctance to vaccinate in minority communities. #NickFerrari #Vaccine #LBC LBC is the live debate theater on current affairs and current affairs. We allow you to join the conversation and hold politicians to account. Subscribe to learn more: Watch more here: Latest Coronavirus Videos: The Best of LBC: LBC Holding Politicians Accountable: The Latest Brexit Videos: The Best of Nick Ferrari: The Best of James O’Brien: The Best of Iain Dale: Heated Debates: The Latest Videos of Donald Trump: Join the Conversation and listen to Subscribe to the newsle LBC’s weekly tter here: Like, Follow & Subscribe to LBC Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: This isn’t your regular talk radio stream. LBC is the leading YouTube channel for live debate and news and current affairs. We have live talks and debates and you can even phone up to join the conversation. .
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