Apple CEO Tim Cook wants Americans to vote via iPhone – Dateway

In an interview with the York Times released on Monday, Apple Tim Cook revealed he would love to see Americans use their iPhones to vote in future political elections.

“I would dream of that, because I think that’s where live,” Cook said. the temperature. “ do our banking over the phones. have our health data on the phones. have more information about us on a phone than in our homes. So why not?

Discussing the current US electoral system, Cook said, “It’s pretty obscure. I think ’re all probably having a bad about voting rights. should be talking about the use of technology. “

After accusations of voter fraud, ballot forgery, last-minute voting law changes, and many other election-related allegations in the 2020 election, a is certainly needed.

However, the use of hackable technology controlled by the liberal elite would likely not increase voter confidence in US electoral integrity.

Cook’s suggestion also comes as Apple’s joins other big companies in criticizing the state of for requiring photo ID to vote.

“The right to vote is fundamental in a democracy,” Cook told Axios. Last week. “American history is the story of the expansion of the right to vote to all citizens, and black people in particular have had to march, struggle and even give their lives for over a century to defend this right.

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“Apple that, thanks in part to the power of technology, it should be easier than ever for every eligible citizen to exercise their right to vote,” he continued. “We support efforts to ensure that the future of our democracy is brighter and more inclusive than its past.”

However, Cook’s virtue signal attempt fell flat after netizens pointed out that Apple customers are required to present photo ID to apply for an Apple card or Apple money.

The company was also the first to introduce an AI-powered facial identifier used to open the user’s iPhone.

Ironically, many of the big companies that have publicly denounced ’s election laws are demanding photo ID themselves.

Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki was verified for misleading voters about the GA election bill during the WH press conference on 4/01/21.

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