Are Republicans the threat to public health now?

A day after the Trump-inspired attack on Capitol Hill by a violent mob of delusional bullshit believers watching Fox, the United States has taken a milestone in terms of COVID-19 deaths. The threshold of more than 4,000 pandemic deaths in a single day was crossed as the insurgents crossed the United States Capitol.

It is astounding that this terrifying threshold, which puts a precise spotlight on the severity of this raging pandemic, has been eclipsed by an actively inspired political catastrophe by the president who denies the science and reality whose incompetence aided the virus to spread like wildfire. .

Watching deranged thugs defile a sacred symbol of American democracy, I couldn’t help but notice their utter disregard for the basic public health guidelines established to control the pandemic, including social distancing and wearing. masks (except of course when tear gas and pepper spray were used).

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