Are they “on the go”?

Fox News host Laura Ingraham hinted on Tuesday night that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was involved in bribing Georgian election officials to rock the election of President-elect Joe Biden, questioning whether out loud if they were “in bed” and “on track”.

On the same day that President Donald Trump’s latest long-term legal challenge was thrown out of the Supreme Court with a one-line ruling, Ingraham stepped deep into the well of electoral fraud plots to offer his viewers a low glimmer of hope. Georgia certified its election results for the third time the day before.

Citing Project Amistad, a right-wing activist group that has filed a series of dead-end election lawsuits, the Fox News star noted that the organization’s director Phillip Kline had “sounded the alarm” that Zuckerberg had made donation of $ 250 million to a foundation to help local election offices amid the pandemic.

“Now, at first glance, this arrangement creates a lot of questions and potential conflicts, but few in power have taken it seriously,” Ingraham said. “Well, maybe they should have. At least $ 6.3 million has been allocated to Fulton County, Georgia, which is the ground zero for voter fraud problems in that state.

Ingraham then appealed to Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), whom Georgia’s Secretary of State recently accused of pressuring him to cast legal ballots, to discuss his concerns about the Zuckerberg charitable contributions.

While Graham noted that “it’s not illegal,” he complained that “we have to stop him because we had a liberal man who spent millions of dollars helping election officials at the election level. the state, “adding that Democrats” would be everywhere. if it was a curator involved.

“Do you think – this is what a lot of people are wondering, given the huge influx of money into Georgia, that people are on the right track here?” The Ingraham angle the host thinks. “Somehow, with a promise of – we got an ‘angle’ on how all these big guys on Wall Street are getting heart deals with new IPOs, other investments. , heart agreements with China. What’s going on here with Zuckerberg and the Democrats? Are people just lying down, lying down, thinking, ‘Well, I’ll finally be rewarded in the future?’ “

While Graham wasn’t so willing to take down that conspiratorial rabbit hole with Ingraham, he responded to her suggestion.

“I just don’t think private groups should be able to fund public elections,” he said. “There is no good result here. He might have a civic mind and a good purpose, but he just doesn’t pass the smell test. Look at what happened in Fulton County.

Echoing the president, Graham then went on to sue Republicans at the state level for not giving in to Trump’s demands and finding a way to return the state to the president.

“The reason we don’t have an audit isn’t because of the Democrats, it’s because we have Republicans in Georgia who refuse to allow President Trump to review the ballots in a bipartisan way , the signatures on the envelopes, and see if they’re really genuine, ”he fumed. “Until you do this, I don’t really accept the Georgia election result as correct until you verify the signatures.”

Ingraham, meanwhile, pointed out that Graham is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary, wanting to know if he has the authority to hold hearings on “all of this,” which included not only Zuckerberg’s gifts but also “them. Chinese spies working for elected American officials ”. (Host Fox was referring to an Axios report of an alleged Chinese spy targeting California politicians, including Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA).)

“I think once this election is over, I want to dive deep into the 2020 election on postal voting,” Graham replied.

Zuckerberg’s allegations have been included in a number of Conservative lawsuits aimed at overturning the presidential election results, including one in Fulton County Superior Court that included QAnon Trumpist attorney L. Lin Wood in as a complainant. The trial was summarily dismissed.

Wood, along with former Trump attorney Sidney Powell, has vowed to prove that millions of Biden votes were fraudulently cast via a nefarious international conspiracy involving China, a long-dead Hugo Chavez, George Soros and corrupt election software. Although their cases were completely unsuccessful, Trumpworld also distanced itself from ‘madman’ Wood after telling Georgia Republican voters not to participate in Senate run-off races next month.

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