Ariana Grande Celebrates Trump Impeachment In Netflix’s ‘Excuse Me, I Love You’ – But It’s Not ‘Miss Americana’

Ariana Grande has a lot of best friends. At least that seemed to be Netflix’s main advantage. excuse me, i love you, the concert film about the popstar, in which too many people to count are tagged with title cards that anoint them first, regardless of their occupation. It’s about as deep as the film enters Grande’s personal life, referred to as a documentary but rarely exploring beneath the shimmering surface of its subject matter.

In fact – and I swear I’m not making this up – at 55 minutes, the longest non-performance segment features the “thank u, next” singer telling a story about her dogs with diarrhea. While there is a funny ending to the story (Grande had been FaceTiming with Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth at the time), a pet poop anecdote hardly qualifies as a juicy or vulnerable dish. in the wings.

Directed by Paul Dugdale, excuse me, i love you documents some selected moments of the year 2019 of 27 years Sweetener tower. Parts of the concert, filmed in London, are interspersed with footage of Grande chuckling on an iPhone screen with different combinations of best friends and chatting with makeup artists in pre-show glam sessions.

About two-thirds of the way there is a very half-hearted attempt to bring up the subject of politics. Grande screams with joy and falls to the ground when he learns that Donald Trump has been impeached. Unfortunately, the main effect of this scene is to make it seem like she doesn’t know what impeachment means. It’s followed by an accidentally hilarious title card that reads “too bad he wasn’t convicted – thank goodness biden won anyway!”

The performance segments, however, are extremely entertaining. Along with a long list of best friends, Grande has a stunning voice. She folds them right out of the door, perfectly hitting a breathtaking whistle note in “God is a woman” in the first five minutes of the film. At one point, she explains that she learned to sing from watching Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and Whitney Houston, and it shows in her free, but never boring, gaudy streak. Basically, Grande’s work is full of almost perfect pop songs and she saves the whole movie. It’s impossible not to dance while Ari winks and pops her hair extensions side to side.

The film’s emotional climax comes when, before the tour’s final show, Grande chokes on a speech to her team of dancers and backup producers. “I know it’s been hard, and I know it’s been a lot, physically and mentally,” she told them, “but like, this show, for sure, for sure, it saved me life this year.

The only problem is, we don’t know what it saved her from.

There are vague allusions to the singer’s struggles, including an appearance by famous music mogul Scooter Braun who gushes with pride on the path she’s come. Grande has undoubtedly weathered more than her share of tragedy in recent years, from the horrific bomb attack at her 2017 Manchester Arena concert to the fatal overdose of her ex-boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller, in 2018. But we never hear in the singer’s own words about what she’s overcame to become the triumphant star as we see girding high notes and dancing in insanely high thigh-high boots for thousands of fans in tears.

But we never hear in the singer’s own words what she’s overcame to become the triumphant star as we see girding high notes and dancing in insanely high thigh-high boots for thousands of crying admirers.

The most moving aspect of the film actually didn’t have much to do with Grande, but rather how it captured the euphoric, distinctly prepandemic experience of being at a concert. The dizzying anticipation when everything suddenly turns black, followed by the excitement of seeing Grande’s figure appear on stage like a mirage, topped by her gravity-defying ponytail.

In the end, I could almost feel my ears ringing after two hours of blowing thrilling bass, and I could summon the delirium of tripping through the confetti haze of an arena once the lights finally came back on, shoulder to shoulder. with a crowd. people (without a mask!).

excuse me, I love you It’s definitely not a documentary, but if you’re a fan of Grande, it’s a perfectly entertaining concert film. If you don’t like her particular brand of ’90s-inspired pop diva, stream the platform’s other portrait of the platform’s top pop star, the Taylor Swift. Miss Americana, instead of.

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